Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey everyone and/or no one. this is about to be the hippest place on the intromet. It will be a fun place full of music, videos, music videos, funny shit, random rants about nothing and whatever else i feel like putting up. If you dont like it, you can leave, but no seriously dont. Most of the time i will probably just type my deepest darkest emotion for you all to read, nah just kidding live journal died with middle school, but it is still fun to find peoples old ones and bring up embarassing memories, but seriously if you still write on live journal and your over 15 stop. Annnyyywwaayyyy...... check out this artist Ellie Goulding, shes fantastic.

Friend me or follow me however this fucking site works. thats right i said fucking. This isnt going to be children friendly, so get ready for some fun shit!!

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  1. sup dickface.
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    ok bye.