Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunburn in the rain

I didnt think it was possible but apprently it is. It has rained almost everyday for the past month. I think it has been sunny maybe 3 days. It was sunny yesterday for literally an hour and i got straight BBQ'ed. well anyway now i have a sick beater tan straight red neck style, it looks fresh though. anyway today i am too tired to bullshit with the world soooo.......

THE SUPER SWEET SONG OF THE DAY THAT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CAN LEAVE ISSS.... actually two songs because i couldnt pick. the first is Drake, again because i feel like everyone should see this video. i really liked the song until radio killed it and the this video buried it. This video is crap, check it out.

The second song is Grizzly Bear, this song is real good and the video is wacky. All drake had to do was do this with four of him selves and it would have been sick. to bad he blew it.

One love

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